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Custom glass bottles - improve brand awareness is urgent

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Customized glass bottles has become one of the important means of upgrading wine brands products. What is the process of customizing glass wine bottles? In this article, we will introduce the process of customizing glass wine bottles.

First of all, the brand needs to communicate with the glass manufacturer or designer to determine the size, shape, color and other details of the bottle, as well as the printing and engraving process on the bottle. This step is the premise of customizing the glass wine bottle. The brand needs to be clear about its own needs, communicate with manufacturers or designers in depth, and ensure the feasibility and realization of the design.

In the second step, the manufacturer or designer designs the bottle according to the needs of the brand and make the first draft of the bottle. At this time, the brand party needs to review the first draft and propose amendments. The manufacturer or designer will make modifications according to the opinions of the brand party until the satisfaction of the brand party is reached.

In the third step, the manufacturer or designer will make the mold of the glass wine bottle according to the customized design drawing. This process requires the expertise and experience of the manufacturer or designer, as well as sophisticated processing equipment and processes.

The fourth step, the production and processing of wine bottle. The manufacture of glass wine bottles needs strict quality control and technological process to ensure that the quality of wine bottles conforms to the brand.